About Us

About Us

LPD releases clean, everlasting Energy, wherever
blessed by ample tide

LPD creates electricity by capturing energy from the rise and fall of the tide.

Mission & Core Values

The culprit of global warming, cause and consequences are known and felt pole to pole, while the shortfalls of conventional, weather-run alternatives (wind, wave & sun) and implausible cost, time-scale, and residual pollution of atomics, need no reiteration to investors and consumers researching energy and LPD.


  1. Revolutionise the renewable energy market. We aspire to become recognised as the market leader and the preferred method to deliver cheap sustainable renewable energy
    to meet the world’s growing energy needs.
  2. Help combat climate change, and to make the world a cleaner, safer place.



How This Works

Compressed air is already recognised as an important medium for transfer of energy in industrial processes, and is used for power tools such as air hammers, drills, wretches and others, as well as to operate air cylinders for automation, and can also be used to propel vehicles. 

LPD uses compressed air to generate electricity. The image above shows how LPD works in a rising and falling tide. 

The design is simple. A mushroom shaped dome with an open underside, sits just on top of the sea or ocean. The dome is drilled into the ocean/sea floor. This makes the dome static. As the tide rises the water compresses the air which is trapped inside the dome. The air constantly rises in pressure until the force is so great the air is forced through a vent and turns a powerful generator in order to escape from the dome. This is illustrated on the left hand side of the diagram.

Because the tide rises slowly and consistently over many hours, electricity is continuously generated as more and more air is forced through the vent as it literally has nowhere else to escape. 

During the second stage of the cycle, the tide slowly falls as illustrated by the diagram image. This creates a vacuum within the dome and air is sucked into the dome via the vent in order to counteract the vacuum. 

The same amount of air which is forced out of the dome in the rising tide will enter into the dome in a decreasing tide with the same intensity. As a result the generator is continuously turning which creates an abundant source of renewable electricity. 

LPD provides a cheap, consistent delivery of electricity with limiting effects to the environment with an almost ubiquitous supply. 


Ultimate Bennfits

its significance on
developing clean, continuous
sustainable energy

LPD provides a cheap, consistent delivery of electricity
with limiting effects to the environment with an
almost ubiquitous supply

  • Consistent

    Consistency in production of electricity is very important to governments for a number of reasons.

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  • Cheap

    The directors of LPD believe that our unique design concept can produce electricity very cheaply

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  • Clean

    It is beyond the scope of this prospectus to discuss all the environmental impacts of existing renewable energy production.

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  • Ubiquity

    There is an abundance of coastal locations around the world which could be used to generate electricity using the LPD concept.

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Data Capture Points


Data Capture Points

Volunteers around the world
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Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property

Having registered the design at the UK patent office, a UK company has been formed which will hold the ensuing commercial rights. It is the belief of the directors that LPD will revolutionise the renewable energy market sector. This opinion is mirrored by a number of high profile industry experts.
The company is seeking a £250,000 investment raise through Seed EIS. Money will be appropriated in the design of a working prototype, which will give statistical data of actual energy production.

The residual funds will go into a marketing budget to raise the company profile.


30% initial Income Tax Relief

Effective net cash outlay of 70p in the £

CGT Freedom

No Capital Gains Tax to pay on any EIS gains after 3 years

CGT Deferral Relief

Potential unlimited indefinate deferral
of an existing CGT bill

Loss Relief

Maximum exposure of 38.5p in the £
for a 45% income tax payer

Seed & Eis

Read About our

Seed and EIS tax benefits as the
initial raise qualifies for this.

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and more recently the Seed SEIS offers exceptional tax benefits to UK investors who invest in qualifying companies. These benefits include:

  • Income tax relief on your investment.
  • Capital gains tax exemption.
  • CGT deferral relief or CGT reinvestment relief.
  • Loss relief.
  • Business relief.

As a qualifying investment has loss relief and income tax relief this reduces the risk exposure on any investment. Whilst income tax relief and capital gains tax benefits potentially increase an investment’s real return. As a result, a qualifying investment can be far more attractive to an investor.


50% Initial Income Tax Relief

Effective net cash outlay of 50p in the £

CGT Freedom

No Capital Gains Tax to pay on any SEIS
gains after 3 years

CGT Reinvestment Relief

Potential exemption of an existing CGT bill
on 50% of the gain, to the extent reinvested

Loss Relief

Maximum exposure of 27.5p in the for
a 45% income tax payer (or 13.5% if CGT
Reinvestment Relief claimed)


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