About Us

About Us

We are a British Clean Energy Company

LPD is a newly formed company which has invented an alternative way of harvesting energy from the rise and fall of the tide. 

The design process is simple. A dome, with open underside and an air-vent atop is fixed to the ocean floor. As the tide rises, the enclosed water behaves like a piston, pushing air upwards through the vent, creating air-pressure driving a generator. As the tide falls, the suspended water creates a vacuum, similarly driving the bi-directional generator. 

Unlike solar and wind energy, this method is consistent, allowing governments to know exactly how much electricity is manufactured, which makes planning far easier. 

In 2019, the LPD concept was successfully demonstrated by one of the company directors and has been covered by Wikipedia. It states “Induced tides (TDP) could extend the geographic viability of a new hydro-atmospheric concept ‘LPD’ (lunar pulse drum) discovered by a Devon innovator in which a tidal ‘water piston’ pushes or pulls a metered jet of air to a rotary air-actuator & generator. The principle was demonstrated at London Bridge June 2019. Plans for a 30m, 62.5kwh ‘pilot’ installation on a (Local Authority) tidal estuary shoreline in the Bristol Channel are underway.” 

Having registered the design at the UK patent office a UK company has been formed which will hold the ensuing commercial rights. 

It is the belief of the directors that LPD will revolutionise the renewable energy market sector. This opinion is mirrored by a number of high profile industry experts.