LPD Clean Energy has developed a solution for renewable energy that tackles several of the problems of the currently favour options, namely wind and solar.

Wind and Solar are dependent on the prevailing weather. This makes them inconsistent. With the storage of electricity being expensive and inefficient, governments need to adopt more consistent methods of generating electricity.

LPD is remarkably consistent and offers governments a viable alternative to current methods of generating electricity.

  • Ubiquity

    There is an abundance of coastal locations around the world which could be used to generate electricity using the LPD concept.

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  • Clean

    It is beyond the scope of this prospectus to discuss all the environmental impacts of existing renewable energy production.

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  • Cheap

    The directors of LPD believe that our unique design concept can produce electricity very cheaply

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  • Consistent

    Consistency in production of electricity is very important to governments for a number of reasons.

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