LDP Clean Energy strives to make a positive long-term contribution to the environment and society. 

As a clean energy company, sustainability issues are at the centre of everything we do. Consequently, we strive to take action in our business to improve our own performance. We focus on six priority sustainability themes that are critical to our business. These themes support our relationships with clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders. These are: 

  • Environment – ensuring that we produce clean renewable energy. 
  • Ecology – adopting strategies that protect not just against emissions but ensuring that the product of electricity creates a minimum impact on the wider environment including wildlife. 
  • Landscape – ensuring that we minimise the impact to the landscape. 
  • Supply chain – integrating sustainability into our procurement decisions to ensure that we can be as clean as possible. 
  • Social investment – supporting charities, and other groups which seek to make the world a better place. 
  • Governance and management – managing sustainability risks and opportunities in our businesses. 

LPD Clean Energy understands the magnitude of the global challenges that we are all looking to address. The world is facing a huge challenge in combating global warming along with all the negative consequences this entails. We are fully behind helping countries become carbon neutral by 2050. 

But furthermore, we seek to help other parts of the environment, respecting natural habitats. 

As a company we recognise that we need to look into our supply chains and select partners who uphold our own corporate values and ethos towards the environment. This will not be easy, and it will require shifts in how we operate, how we make long-term decisions and how we collaborate. 

We firmly believe that, by working with our partners, and by empowering people to exercise their own creativity and passion, we can drive the transformational changes necessary for the success of both the environment and society.